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The Movie - Bargain Fiend; or, Shopping la Mode (1907)

I've looked Bargain Fiend; or, Shopping la Mode movie

Movie Issued - in 1907.

Color Info: Black and White
Countries: USA
Genres: Drama, Short
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:153 m, OFM:35 mm, PCS:Spherical, PFM:35 mm, RAT:1.33 : 1
Release Dates: USA:10 August 1907

In movie have been taken:

Florence Lawrence (actress)
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Silent-screen actress, Fired from Biograph when she was discovered to be negotiating with 'Carl Laemmle' (qv) of Independent Motion Picture Company., Committed suicide using ant paste., Entered films with Vitagraph in 1907., The birth date on her gravestone is 1890, but many sources say 1886., Credited with inventing the first automobile turn and brake signals. The signals were operated by the driver pressing a button, and an arm on the back of the car indicating the turn direction or a stop. She did not patent the inventions, and they were superseded by more streamlined systems., She is the subject of the novel "The Biograph Girl" (2000) by William J. Mann, who imagines Lawrence didn't die in 1938 from ingesting ant poison and is still alive in the late 1990's., In the early 1900s, she was officially known as the "Biograph Girl" for the 'American Mutoscope & Biograph [us]'.
Nick Names:"Queen of the Screen", The 'Biograph Girl' and the 'Imp Girl.'
Death Notes:Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (suicide)
Florence Lawrence be the debut motion likeness actress whose designation was nearly new to encourage her films and the studio (Independent Moving Pictures Company [IMP]) inside favour of which she work. Before her, actor and actress worked anonymously, moderately out of anxiety that podium manager would litter to leasing them if they be found to be practical in films and partly because pictures executive didn't want to dump substantially rites into the amount produced of these squat, practically disposable films, and didn't want their players to become all right controlled and instigation thorny difficult income. Lawrence was against the stage from age three, appear in musicals and drama, whistle and playing the violin. At 20 she was sort in the Edison production of _Daniel Boone (1907)_ (qv), and that lead to employment at Vitagraph Studios. From nearby she was hired via Biograph, where on earth she cultured and perfect her craft below the direction of 'D.W. Griffith' (qv). In 1909 she gone Biograph to decision more known employment at another film foundation. As a arise she was blacklisted by the Motion Picture Trust, head by 'Thomas A. Edison' (qv), to which culmination motion-picture producers belong and which held the patent on most film production gear and would not allow any company that put into dart through not belong to the trust to utilization them. 'Carl Laemmle' (qv) started IMP in deferred 1909, and refuse to idea on the Motion Picture Trust. The Trust take action--both legal and otherwise--to depress Laemmle from produce films on his individual. Lawrence and her husband, authoritarian 'Harry Solter' (qv), sign on in put of IMP's first feature players. In 1910 Laemmle, partly out of anger ended the Trust's actions--such as hire thug to bully his film crew and damage his equipment--decided to flaunt the authenticity that he enjoy Miss Lawrence. She made the first personal act of a film household name in St. Louis, MO, that March, and the resultant pant made her notorious (and also increased the gross on her--and Laemmle's--films). Other film companies in a moment follow become, and the name of film actors and actresses start to appear in all segment of the atmosphere. Lawrence worked for IMP for a year, afterwards spent another year at Lubin back she began her main production company, Victor, where whe worked on and preceding its sell-by date until 1914. After a stage contact of kismet where she dented her flipside, she retire from films, merely to be lure back in 1916 for her first aspect, _Elusive Isabel (1916)_ (qv). It was fruitless. She try a comeback again in 1921; that, as well, was unsuccessful. She settled into inconsequential parts and traits role through the 1920s and 1930s. She committed suicide in 1938 after years of depression and bug.
Birth Notes:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Books:Kelly R. Brown. _Florence Lawrence, The Biograph Girl: America's First Movie Star._ Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 1999. ISBN 0786406275
Birth Name:Bridgwood, Florence Annie
Spouse:'Henry Bolton' (27 November 1933 - March 1934) (divorced), 'Charles Bryne Woodring' (12 May 1921 - 1932) (divorced), 'Harry Solter' (qv) (30 August 1908 - 2 March 1920) (his death)
Death Date:28 December 1938
Birth Date:2 January 1886

Florence Turner (actress)
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Nick Names:The Vitagraph Girl, Flotie
Death Notes:Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Widely publicized through organization of "The Vitagraph Girl," tight-lipped envision actress Florence Turner be one of the grey screen's maximum primeval renown to be coin the permanent status "movie public figure." Born contained by New York City in 1885, she was hard-pressed into the guests at age 3 by an overzealous point mother, performing by the vaudeville stage as petty Eugenie Florence. Audiences take cheerfulness in her talent as an impressionist of famed stage actress of the event such as 'Marie Dressler' (qv). Florence was a full-fledged administrative by the time she curved aware next to Vitagraph Studios in 1906 as a wardrobe mistress and bureau clerk, moreover as actress. Making her debut with _Cast Up by the Sea (1907)_ (qv), she was prominently display in forefront of the camera inside a succinct time of time. Appearing in the company's more point piece, she formed a muscular pairing with entertainer 'Maurice Costello (I)' (qv) and other matine idol of the hours of daylight. The diminutive, forlorn-looking performer done time tested the acting waters in London in 1913, and was directed constantly by long-time companion 'Lawrence Trimble' (qv), occasionally collaborate on screenplays. She also contribute to her means making appearance in music hall frozen amazing audience with her impersonation of each be aware of of self from 'Alla Nazimova' (qv) to 'Charles Chaplin' (qv). She organized her extraordinary effectiveness company, Turner Films, and made beyond thirty short films, becoming the first star of the silver peak to give somebody a lift on produce chores. In 1915, she was the head box-office star. Florence maintain a essentially noticeable transatlantic pursue in back-up of nearly a decade while appear both here and in England in everything from classic Shakespeare [_The Merchant of Venice (1908)_ (qv), _Richard III (1908)_ (qv)] and historical epic [_A Tale of Two Cities (1911)_ (qv), _The Deerslayer (1913)_ (qv)], to classic the stage [_Far from the Madding Crowd (1914)_ , _Through the Valley of Shadows (1914)_ (qv), _My Old Dutch (1915)_ (qv)]. Her career started slip after WWI and by 1924, she was inhibited to confirm forever in Hollywood when the British film souk dried up lock, pigs and barrel. At this vertebral column, nevertheless, she applicable to lay down in cooperation make as a stock artist for MGM. The advent of din was the important staple in the crypt. It was a admiring MGM who kept her on the payroll for the subsequent decade albeit ongoing down parts and over role. She die practically forgotten at the Woodland Hills, California Motion Picture Country Home in 1946 at age 61.
Height:4' 10"
Birth Notes:New York City, New York, USA
Daughter of 'Frances Turner (II)' (qv), In June 1910 the New York Dramatic Mirror wrote a story on Florence titled "A Motion Picture Star," perhaps the first time the phrase came into the public consciousness., She was a major star at Vitagraph in the late 'teens and '20s, but by the 1930s her career had sunk to the point where she was doing occasional day work as an extra. In 1937 MGM studio chief 'Louis B. Mayer' (qv), hearing of her plight, offered her a contract at MGM as a stock extra, guaranteeing her a steady income. She stayed at MGM for four years, then in 1941 entered the Motion Picture Country Home, where she died in 1946.
Death Date:28 August 1946
Birth Date:6 January 1885

William V. Ranous (director)
Articles:"Motion Picture World" (USA), 17 April 1915, pg. 366, "Obituary", "New York Dramatic Mirror" (USA), 7 April 1915, pg. 32:4, "Director Ranous Dead"
Death Notes:Santa Monica, California, USA
Birth Notes:New York, USA
Spouse:'Doris Thompson' (qv) (? - 1 April 1915) (his death)
Death Date:1 April 1915
Birth Date:12 March 1857

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