Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Movie - Manavude Mahaneeyudu (1980)

Not bad - Manavude Mahaneeyudu movie

Movie Is being made - in 1980.

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Color Info: Color
Countries: India
Languages: Telugu
Release Dates: India:1980

In movie played:

Shobhan Babu (actor)
Birth Name: Rao, Sobhana Chalapathi
Birth Notes: Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Death Date: 20 March 2008
Death Notes: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (fatal spinal injury resulting from a fall)
Birth Date: 14 January 1937

Mohanbabu (actor)
Mohan Babu, christen Bhaktavatsalam Naidu by his parents, be finicky in the Indian continent contained by favour of his oil labour higher than and olden its sell-by date peak. As a immature entity he be more interested in the event than in schoolwork, appear habitually in college drama from the age of 14. His father was a principal sneaker and was devoted for his son to trajectory an well-read work. However, after graduate, he not here household for Madras where on earth he work in the YMCA College of Physical Education in establish of an instructor, ultimately entering the film industry in the mid 70s as an associate superintendent. After one years in the industry, Mohan Babu was keen to regroup from direct to acting, but particular no destiny until he meet his guru Dr. 'Narayana Rao Dasari' (qv), who rechristened him Mohan Babu. His opening insufficiency of duty was in the film _Swargam Narakam (1975)_ (qv) directed by Dr. Dasari in 1975. To the in progress time, Mohan Babu have made 502 films in the 25 years since he unbutton in working condition in the industry, 80 of them feature him as front manly, and as economically as a double role in _Peda Rayudu (1995)_ (qv). Sivaji Ganesan initiate him into Tamil films, and to date he has 20 Tamil films to his acknowledgment. He produced his first hammer film _Prathigna (1983)_ (qv) in 1982, and in all has produced beyond 30 films to date, including "Major Chandrakanth" which was a palm to the behind rota recitalist Dr. 'Rama Nandamuri Taraka Rao' (qv), the latter's final picture past his annihilation in 1996. Mohan Babu's maximum recent film, released in 30th May, 2008, is Pandurangadu as Special role.
Height: 6' 1"
Quotes: "I am not afraid of anyone. I respect all. You should have guts to call a spade, a spade. I have it."
Magazine Covers: "India Today" (India), 1997
Birth Name: Naidu, Bhaktavatsala
His movie Adavilo Anna still stands the highest grosser in Hyderabad., He owns one of the largest private universities in India, Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Institutions., He Has 3 children. One girl and two boys. All of them are actors.

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